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My writing is grounded in deep research and independent thought. Crypto is complicated, confusing and fast paced. I simplify and slow it down.

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What to expect

I write thought pieces every couple weeks. I distill it down into what is most important. All signal, no noise. Bet you’ll learn something interesting.

About me

I’m the Head of Investments at FRNT, a crypto investment bank. I lead our fundamental crypto investing strategy.

I previously spent nearly a decade as part of the investment team at BlueMountain Capital Management, a $22 billion New York based hedge fund. I am channeling my investing experience into crypto.

Where to start

Here are few topics to get you started.

My thoughts on crypto in the US:

  1. SVB & USDC? How SVB's collapse impacts crypto

  2. Crypto Crackdown: Regulators Mount Up

  3. Why to Not Ban Crypto: The Business Case for Crypto in the US

Curious about value in crypto, check out:

  1. My Crypto Thesis: Crypto Accelerates Commerce

  2. Does Value Exist in Crypto?

  3. Crypto DCF (Non)-Sense

Looking to get Eth pilled:

  1. Ethereum Q4'22: State of the Network

  2. The Business Case for Ethereum

  3. Ethereum can’t scale…or can it?

Blockchain basics:

  1. So Why Are Blockchains Valuable?

  2. What is a what is it really?

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Investigating crypto through the eyes of a seasoned hedge fund investor. First principles approach to understanding and investing in crypto. All signal, no noise.


Sam Andrew

A seasoned investor take on crypto. I channel my near decade of hedge fund investing ($22bn BlueMountain Capital alum) into research, writing and investing in crypto.